Word ik rijk als ik geen lattes meer drink?

VIDEO - Sunniva Kolostyak is er weer met een nieuwe Morningstar Minute en deze keer bespreekt ze wat het oplevert als je al die dure lattes bij koffiebarretjes voortaan laat staan. De uitkomst is verrassend.

Sunniva Kolostyak 21 september, 2022 | 8:50
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Sunniva Kolostyak: Welcome to Morningstar's personal finance minutes. Today we're asking the question 'will avoiding lattes make me rich?'

Over the past few years in particular, younger people have been told they're spending too much money on luxuries like fancy coffees or avocados, impacting their financial futures. So, we've done the math to check just how much you could be saving by cutting down on your daily coffee fix.

If you're spending £3 a day on coffee, that's roughly £90 a month. If invested with an average return of 6% a year for 40 years, that would leave £178,252 for your future self.

That's a sizable amount, but it's probably not enough to get you on the property ladder in the short term. That said, if you cut down to one coffee a week, that will leave £78 to invest each month, which over the same period would grow to over £154,000. And you're not completely depriving yourself of shop-bought caffeine either. At the same time, you could argue that if someone is able to afford a daily or weekly coffee, they're probably already allocating a similar amount to their savings.

For Morningstar, I'm Sunniva Kolostyak.

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Sunniva Kolostyak  is data journalist bij Morningstar.co.uk

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